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Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Waterproof LED Strip Lights When buying LED light strips, you often encounter problems that require IP20, IP65, or even IP67 LED light strips. These values ​​represent different levels of water and dust resistance.

IP20 (Indoor) LED Strip Lights

The IP20 rating officially stands for "finger touch (> 12.5 mm) | no protection". 2 in IP20 stands for basic contact and basic dust protection. It cannot withstand severe or similar impacts, but you can safely touch it with your fingers. 0 in IP20 means anhydrous protection. These LED light bars are great for indoor use, but may not be used outdoors (even if protected) for long periods of time. These LED Strip Lights provide the best heat dissipation and usually have the longest life. Gives the brightest and most realistic light because there are no obstacles.

IP65 (outdoor) LED Strip Lights

The IP65 rating officially stands for "Comprehensive Dust Protection | Low Pressure Water Spray in Any Direction". 6 stands for good dust and touch protection. LEDs are well protected. IP65 5 stands for good moisture or water resistance. By adding a resin or epoxy layer on top of the LED Strip Lights to substantially completely seal the top of the LED strip (including all solder joints and contacts), the IP65 LED Strip Lights are very suitable for outdoor use. The disadvantage is that, as time goes by, the epoxy resin has a tendency to change color, turning yellow or brown to discolor light emitted from the LED. Epoxy layers cannot release heat, so they will die out inside!

IP67 (outdoor) LED Strip Lights

The IP67 rating officially indicates "temporarily immersed at a distance of at least 1m from the bottom of the object and at least 15cm from the top of the object". Close the LED Strip Lights with a silicon sleeve. This means that the product can be completely dustproof and can actually be completely immersed in water in a short period of time. Because this LED light bar is completely sealed, it means that the heat dissipation performance of the heat sink is much worse than IP20 and IP65 models. These silicon sleeves are commonly used for outdoor-addressable RGB light strips.
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